For the Love of Learning Interview

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For the Love of Learning Media with Amy Edelstein

Join Lainie Liberti, Betsy Hanger, Kathryn Byrnes and myself for an indepth discussion about our experience bringing mindful into the school system. For the Love of Learning Episode 46 Mindfulness in Education Description: First, we must ask, what is mindfulness? Jon Kabat-Zinn, the biologist who first coined the term “mindfulness” in the ’70s, defines it as a state of mind: … Read More

Teens Discover Context & Compassion

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teen mindfulness programs in Philadelphia with Amy Edelstein

Published by the Shift Network Teens Discover Context & Compassion Posted July 2, 2015 By Amy Edelstein I’m sitting at a café having miso-mushroom soup, processing my meeting with an inner city high school principal about expanding the Mindfulness and Cultural Developmentprogram next year. The pilot was so successful; she would like it to see it reach the entire freshman … Read More

How Do I Discover A Deeper Source of Confidence?

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How Do I Discover A Deeper Source of Confidence? with Amy Edelstein Regardless of external accomplishments (or lack of), personality verve (or reserve), social flair (or faux pas), most people still suffer from a lack of center. A subtle but pervasive lack of confidence. It’s not necessarily anyone’s fault. It’s deep. And it’s entirely possible to transcend it. But first, … Read More