How to De-stress the Workplace – an experiential class

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How to De-stress the Workplace – an experiential class with Amy Edelstein For most of us, our work environment is a place of satisfaction and stress. Are you increasingly feeling the tension and not the satisfaction? Do you feel like your workplace—with all its distractions and demands—is ruling you? If you’ve started to experience a loss of control and stability … Read More

Love as the Many & the One * Beatrice Bruteau

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Beatrice Bruteau Love both implies differentiation and creates union. But each union engenders further differentiation, which intends further union. This network of interactions is called “community” because it is a moving balance of differentiation and union. It does not settle in either way, as many or as one. It is always both. ~Beatrice Bruteau, God’s Ecstacy   For more inspiration, meditate with … Read More