Diversity Dialogues: Kori Hamilton Biagas & Amy Edelstein Explore Racial Literacy

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Amy Edelstein interviews Kori Hamilton Biagas from JustEducators about what racial literacy
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Understanding and deconstructing racial ideas and divides

Amy Edelstein interviews Kori Hamilton Biagas from JustEducators about what racial literacy is, how to work in classrooms to lessen racial stress, and how to engage in a positive way to deconstruct our culturally inherited (and often outdated, false, misguided, and even dangerous) ideas about this issue.

“As long as there is a system in place that is perpetuating oppression for anybody, then we are all experiencing that oppression in some way.”

Kori Hamilton Biagas

Listen or download an mp3 audio-only version of this dialogue here:


Kori Hamilton Biagas, M.Ed. is the founder of JustEducators and a communication program manager for SRI Education at SRI International. She founded Just Educators out of a deep passion to address social and educational inequity, and recognizes the power of dialogue to explore sensitive topics of injustice, inequity, bias and privilege. Her work at regional education centers has addressed educational inequity and discrimination on the basis of (dis)ability, gender, national origin, race, religion and socioeconomic status.

Amy Edelstein teaches mindfulness and cultural development in the Philadelphia public school system. She also leads professional development days for faculty to learn mindfulness practices and facilitates dialogues about core issues that can either factionalize a group or bring us closer together. You inquire about Amy’s program offerings here.

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