Discover A New Perspective On Marriage & Relationships That Is Deeply Liberating & Fulfilling.


“Brilliant Book. I am so excited to see Amy Edelstein now has a book out from the work she is leading in the field love, marriage and evolution. Her perspective allows for others like myself to open even more in relationship and thrive. I can say this because her perspective has brought to my 27 year marriage a truly transformative element. My husband is not into the ‘spiritual’ arena that I am and yet I experience him thriving with me in this new field. Amy has created something new and alive for marriages to consider. I highly recommend this book to everyone in a relationship with anyone.” –Susan M. Thornett

“I am reading this book and can’t put it down. It gives a whole new perspective on love and marriage. But it is not only for the married or the lovers. It relates to any relationship. The book is really inspiring and takes you step by step through the potential of evolving relationship. It puts the spiritual dimension back in our lives, but it is a spirituality suited for the 21st century.” -Ruth Golan, author of Loving Psychoanalysis and The Consciousness Bearers 

“There a lots of books with useful information about self-development, including through the experience of marriage.  But few connect the situation with the larger concerns of transforming human culture by the evolutionary process of individual growth to enlightenment.  Amy Edelstein addresses this explicitly and wisely; her approach which is clear and easy to follow.  Her perspective has grown out of deep spiritual practice of sacred traditions from both the East and the West.  Her approach is not about secular couples psychotherapy but about evolving consciousness to the state of God-realization in the company of one’s spouse or life partner.  In a time when marriages are falling apart in short time because one or both members of the sacred union choose to bail out rather than undergo necessary personal change, Love, Marriage & Evolution throws a life ring to the reader.” -John White, author of The Meeting of Science & Spirit and What Is Enlightenment? 

“Amy Edelstein has written a simple, sane and deeply reassuring guide to one of life’s most passionate, fiery and confusing topics: sex, love and marriage. Her tone is warm and personal so that the reading experience feels more like having a conversation with a caring friend than a lecture on how to change or correct one’s behavior. Edelstein draws easily and frequently on her own experience and on wisdom that was surely gained from a life grounded in spiritual practice and personal inquiry. One readily senses that this is not a compilation of what the author has read or learned secondhand but is advice and encouragement sourced in personal exploration, including failures, successes and a willingness to dig deeper. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in romantic relationships and the possibility of integrating spiritual ideals into a well-rounded, fully engaged life.” -Carol Ann Raphael

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The First Chapter of Love, Marriage & Evolution Is Available For Free Download.

An Innovative, Insightful, And Inspiring Guide
To Making Good Relationships Even Better.

In this beautifully designed 8 Chapter, 166 page book and workbook, you’ll discover a new perspective and cultivate the skills to:

  • Realize a deeper source of Trust and experience freedom from unnecessary insecurity
  • Develop Shared Agreements that support your higher aspirations, rather than micromanaging each other
  • Identify and embody the Signs of Success (note: these may be different than what you thought!)
  • Create an environment that is an authentic and meaningful expression of Home
  • Experiment with transformative contemplations on Expectations, Love, Fulfillment & Balance


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