The Emergence Education Affiliate Program


Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate partner!

As an affiliate you will receive a referral commission for any sales resulting from the promotion of our products. Whether you have a website, email newsletter or marketing list, its easy to start earning money online right now!

Emergence Education founders, Amy Edelstein & Jeff Carreira, are the creators of:

Emergence Education takes great pride in our high quality audio and video programs, and we hope that you will help us to reach more people throughout the world. We’ll reward you for your part in helping to bring peace of mind, health and personal growth to others.

50% commission
Get paid quickly! Every 1 -2 weeks (vs. monthly)
Direct deposit
Low minimum payout of just $10
60 day cookie 
Beautiful banners provided for promotion!

How do I become an affiliate partner?

You will need to setup a Clickbank account in order to participate as an Emergence Educatation Program affiliate partner.  It’s completely FREE, and through Clickbank you will be able to promote Emergence Education products and track all of your referrals and sales through their online portal.

1) Sign up for a Clickbank account.

For more information on Clickbank, click here.

2) Promote!

We have created great affiliate resources for you  to make promotion easy. Choose the product (s) you wish to promote and you will be taken to its dedicated resources page.