Meditate with the Mystics

 24 Daily Downloadable Meditations

with Amy Edelstein

Meditate with the Mystics Audio Series

1 Guided Meditation a Day for 24 Days
Available for immediate download

When you enrich your meditation with the insights of great visionaries, you change your whole relationship to spiritual practice and worship.

Meditate with the Mystics introduces you to a style of meditation that crosses between contemplation on sacred texts and meditation on awareness itself. It is at once soothing and stimulating, calming and creative. In each meditation, through the reading of a beautiful passage from one of twelve different mystics, Amy Edelstein takes you on a great journey of inner discovery.

As soon as you register you will receive your first email and start a journey of daily guided meditations. Listen to them in order, or experiment meditating again to the passages that most resonate with you at this moment in time.

This series will enliven your meditation practice, supporting you to become curious about the mystery of consciousness and the sacredness of the life process.

Each meditation starts with a short reading from one of the visionary’s key books, and continues with easy-to-follow instruction.

The audios are 10-15 minutes, designed so you can easily add an inspirational meditation to your routine before work, refresh and recharge at lunch, or let go of stress at the end of the day. You can pause any of the individual meditations and extend your practice, spending a longer time in meditative immersion as you feel the call to go more deeply.

Meditate with the Mystics is designed to be used over and over again. Pick out your favorite ones and explore. Allow the metaphors  and the voice of each mystic to open you to new ways of experiencing awareness and of relating to the world around you.

In this meditation package you will receive:

        • 24 10-15 minute guided Mp3 audio meditations with Amy Edelstein.
        • Meditate with the Mystics PDF ebook with the excerpts from the audios.
        • An instruction guide to support your experience and practice of meditation.

Your Enrichment Begins as Soon as You Register.

From that point forward for twenty-four days you will receive a new guided meditation daily. The cost for this profound and uplifting 24-meditation series is $24.95

What Effect Does This Type of Meditation Have?

Meditating on the space behind inspirational passages takes us beyond the limited mind, beyond the known. It cultivates a sense of ease, releasing daily tensions through focusing on a specific passage. As you develop familiarity, practicing in this way brings depth and optimism to the forefront of your experience. You’ll cultivate clarity and openness of awareness. As you become more familiar with open-awareness, you’ll feel yourself opening to a sense of greater depth and curiosity. You’ll notice that the more attention you put on the qualities and capacities of consciousness, the more space and ease you feel during the day. You’ll start to intuit a sense of the mystery at the heart of life permeating your experience, filling you with ease, acceptance, and a soft humility before that which we seem to know and yet which always remains a mystery.

Amy Edelstein, educator, interfaith minister of evolutionary spirituality

Skilled Instruction that Brings You Ease

In these meditations, you’ll receive guidance from the rich experience and sensitive touch of Amy Edelstein. The meditation sections are a spontaneous response to the passage featured in each contemplation. Amy’s imagery and instruction comes from years’ experience supporting others to penetrate beyond the surface of our thoughts and feelings and touch the luminous depths of meditative awareness.

Amy has had an active meditation practice for over thirty years, she is an Interfaith Minister and clinical chaplain. She has studied with numerous teachers in Asia and the west, immersing herself in long retreats and decades of sustained daily practice.

The interfaith organization OUnI named her their Wisdom Chair of Evolutionary Spirituality in recognition of her 25 years of indepth collective practice and study of evolutionary spirituality with EnlightenNext. In her teaching work and life, Amy is committed to supporting as many as possible to experience their own spiritual realizations and discover deep confidence in the higher potentials inherent in the human spirit. She hopes that this meditation series will sustain and fertilize many people’s wonder and creativity on the path of conscious evolution.

In addition to your guided meditations,  you will receive:

Preparing the Space: simple yet profoundly valuable instructions to sanctify your practice.

Meditate with the Mystics ebookA beautifully designed ebook with excerpts for contemplation

to go along with each of the audios.

Comments from participants

“The wisdom of Amy’s approach has been sweetly and steadily blossoming for me. I’m so grateful for that. My practice has truly deepened. She has helped meditation feel accessible and easeful — yet also fully honoring the mystery — in a way that has really helped my practice mature.”

“Thank you Amy. I feel I’m swimming in a golden current from the beauty you helped us realize/remember.”

“Transmission of deep meaningfulness.”

“Amy’s soul strength and message is clearer than ever. What a joy to experience! I feel so supported.”

“Amy’s own history is very inspiring because she both showed what is possible for everybody and what it really takes to find your own way and stay true to it – to be a living expression of it.”

“We are creating a very beautiful collective and conscious field between us on this course. We are becoming one, and it is thrilling.”

This 24-part Meditation Series Includes

  • A Free eBook download of Meditate with the Mystics by Amy Edelstein
  • An easy-to-follow instruction guide that will support your meditation practice.
  • A 10-min guided meditations delivered for download via email every day for 24 days.





What Others Have Experienced with Amy’s Instruction

“I had been on a pretty focused spiritual path for some time and felt a sort of weariness. I was on the edge of a new beginning. This has been a true gift. It threw the doors of creativity wide open for me. From the get go I found joyful inspiration. I started to see every moment and everything with a fresh perception.”

“With the depth of her experience Amy was able to help each of us trust our deepest insights and confidently become autonomous. She truly values the time and the intuitions that we share, and with care and deep ease she knows how to renew our interest and inspiration for Spirit. Nothing is forced, and yet she fosters and encourages a flowering of spiritual gifts.”

“Embodying the evolutionary prospective as taught by Amy Edelstein continues to shift me and I dare say, those around me, in exactly the way I was starving for, but didn’t know it until I tasted it. This is the direction humanity needs to go in, together.”

“Amy Edelstein is a wonderful guide for anyone that is seeking to deepen their practice.  She has a wealth of experience from different wisdom traditions, and has created a curriculum that builds upon various modes of inquiry. This has inspired me to explore new terrain and pursue a holistic approach to spiritual development.”

“I have always thought that a true teacher had the capacity to teach on many levels at the same time, speaking to the place each person listening was able to hear, therefore expanding the awareness of everyone listening in some way.  Amy certainly did that in this course with all of us.”

“I have enormous appreciation for this!”

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