Ways to work with me

There are various ways in which we can work together. I teach several meditation and contemplative retreats throughout the year on the East and West Coasts. I offer transformative mentorship for individuals in structured and unstructured programs. And I lead group virtual meditations every weekday mornings.

I also train teen mindfulness teachers and facilitate professional development programs for school mindfulness teachers, as the founder the Inner Strength Foundation.

Please check out these upcoming and ongoing programs. Please do contact me if you would like to bring me to speak to your organization, school, or event.

April 1-2

Wise Women’s Residential Retreat

with Amy Edelstein


Info & Registration here

June 24-25

Conscious Teachers Wkd

with Jeff Carreira & Amy Edelstein (Hosted by Phil Moore of Trimtab.in)

Oxford, Mi

Info & Registration here

12-Week Program

In-School Teen Mindfulness Program

with Amy Edelstein


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April 21-22, 2018

Meditation Retreat

with Jeff Carreira & Amy Edelstein


Info & Registration here

April 6-8, 2018

Women’s Retreat

with Amy Edelstein

Seattle, WA

Info & Registration here

5 Day Program, 2018

Teen Mindfulness Teacher Training

with Amy Edelstein

5 day residential plus 1 month of virtual meditation classes & training sessions

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Weekdays at 8am EST

Morning Virtual Meditation

with Amy Edelstein (30mins)

online using zoom video conferencing

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Transformational Mentorship

with Amy Edelstein

phone or in-person

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I have high respect and admiration for Amy’s sincerity, knowledge and authenticity, and for her ability to guide our group to great depth.

I had been on a pretty focused spiritual path for some time and felt a sort of weariness. This course has been a true gift. It threw the doors of creativity wide open for me. From the get go I found joyful inspiration and fresh perception. Amy truly values the intuitions that we share, and with care and deep ease she knows how to renew our interest and inspiration for Spirit. Nothing is forced, and yet she fosters and encourages a flowering of spiritual gifts. It is like applying just the right vibration so that the music can flow.

It was a really great retreat – deep, connected, loving, reflective. Interesting how just a few days can be so good. Amy has a great “space holding” style, if you know what I mean. All her knowledge and personal experience come across beautifully.

I enjoy very much meditating while listening to Amy’s guidelines. I have been meditating for many years, this has a new depth and significance to my meditation.

The treasures Amy shares are exceptional and her brilliance is received with immense gratitude.

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