Love as the Many & the One * Beatrice Bruteau

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Beatrice Bruteau Love both implies differentiation and creates union. But each union engenders further differentiation, which intends further union. This network of interactions is called “community” because it is a moving balance of differentiation and union. It does not settle in either way, as many or as one. It is always both. ~Beatrice Bruteau, God’s Ecstacy   For more inspiration, meditate with … Read More

Toward the Future * Teilhard de Chardin

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Teilhard de Chardin Material creation no longer stretches between man and God like a fog or a barrier. It develops like an elevating, enriching ambience; and it is important not to try to escape from this or release oneself from it, but to accept its reality and make our way through it. Rightly speaking, there are no sacred or profane … Read More

Teens Get Relationship Training

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Teens study Love, Marriage & Evolution

At Integral Heart Foundation in Antigua, education is philosophical and pragmatic. Everything from shared agreements to condom use to evolutionary philosophy is on the table and up for discussion. Pictured here are teens with their homework assignment at Christmas break: eight chapters to read with exercises from Love, Marriage & Evolution. Don’t you wish you could have learned how to create … Read More