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“Amy combines intellectual audacity and originality with deep spiritual insight, all wrapped in a gentle, thoughtful approach that allows for real depth! I’m so grateful.”

“My experience with Amy is that she is solid, grounded, and always in tempo with the group. She brings a wealth of experience to her teaching.”

“Being on retreat feels like the threshold of the life I have been working toward for years. A turning point this dramatic is rarely so gentle and quiet… So grateful for the teachings, the community, and the beautiful environment.”

“I love Amy’s calm and powerful presentation style and the deep groundedness and knowledge that backs it up.”

“Working with Amy was a renewal of the Self in all areas of my life.

“I felt well supported (without being confronted with anything in particular). The program works in subtle ways. Amy lets you walk your own way, at your own pace but with guidance and support.”

“I love Amy’s nurturing and supportive approach. The examples were perfect — and funny too.”

“Two words? Real introspection.”

“It was a great surprise to experience the tremendous depth, which created a profound opening for a new way of being.”

“Amy’s answers to questions came out of vast personal experiences, often challenging because of the subtlety of the questions–and always asked with compassion.”