Individual Spiritual Mentorship with Amy Edelstein


Gain confidence in your own spiritual intimations.

Many people have profound and powerful spiritual glimpses. Many more live lives that are guided by that tap of the numinous. But far fewer experience the reservoir of strength, confidence, and well-being that arises from their own spiritual depths.

Sometimes all it takes to realize that strength is to recontextualize our lives in light of the insight that our most meaningful insights have revealed to us. Once we are able to do that, we can begin to draw from a well that mysteriously has no beginning or end, no boundary, and no separation from spirit or the world.

Other times we find ourselves at a crossroad, in need of focus. The time-honored art of spiritual mentorship or spiritual direction can help us calibrate our own lens and discern what the whisperings of the heart are telling us.

Transformative spiritual mentorship is a supportive process. A process that is empowering and uplifting, that puts wind in our sails and spring in our step.

Whether you are experiencing opening and renewed vision or a time of grief and loss, you can deepen and strengthen yourself through the communion, insight, and perspective that mentorship offers.

I began my own spiritual search in earnest in 1982 and have spent the last decades immersed in practice, study, and mentorship. I value the role spiritual mentors have and continue to serve for me. There is no end to spiritual discovery and richness. If you are interested to explore a specific area of spiritual growth or a broad sense of direction, contact me for a no obligation exploratory call.

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in individual mentorship sessions.

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People who work with Amy have said . . .

“Amy combines intellectual audacity and originality with deep spiritual insight, all wrapped in a gentle, thoughtful approach that allows for real depth! I’m so grateful.”

“My experience with Amy is that she is solid, grounded, and always in tempo with the group and the individuals. She brings a wealth of experience to her teaching.”

“Working with Amy feels like the threshold of the life I have been working toward for years. A turning point this dramatic is rarely so gentle and quiet So grateful for the teachings, the community, and the beautiful environment.”

“I love Amy’s calm and powerful presentation style and the deep groundedness and knowledge that backs it up.”

“Working with Amy was a renewal of the Self in all areas of my life.”

“I felt well supported (without being confronted with anything in particular). The program works in subtle ways. Amy lets you walk your own way, at your own pace but with guidance and support.” 

“I love Amy’s nurturing and supportive approach. The examples were perfect — and funny too.”

“Two words? Real introspection.”

“It was a great surprise to experience the tremendous depth, which created a profound opening for a new way of being.”

“Amy’s answers to questions came out of vast personal experience, sometimes she’ll respond back with a question, often challenging because of the subtlety of her questions, and always asked with compassion.”