About Amy

Amy Edelstein, author, educator, and public speaker is a powerful communicator of ideas that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in. She teaches how to view our experience in a vast context, taking into account the cosmos’ evolutionary history, the development of culture, and the mystery of numinous insight. Her programs support individuals and groups to discover deeper fulfillment, joy, and purposefulness in life.

Engaging, sensitive, and insightful, Amy’s mission is to support as many people as possible to grow beyond their own expectations.

Amy is the founder and Executive Director of the Inner Strength Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports youth development. Its innovative 12-week teen mindfulness and systems-thinking program has reached thousands of high school students in the inner city of Philadelphia. This trauma-informed methodology helps students cultivate self regulation while reducing anxiety and promoting curiosity through a curriculum that combines Mindfulness, Evolutionary Neuroscience, Cultural Development & the Art of Relationship. Amy is also the co-founder of Emergence Education and its publishing house, which is dedicated to bringing new ideas to the fore and helping inspire a shift in the paradigms through which we view the world, each other, and progress so that we can create a more compassionate and inspired world.

A Cornell University College Scholar, Amy has thirty-five years experience of contemplative practice, including a background in both Western and Eastern spiritual traditions, as well as in evolutionary spirituality, a contemporary philosophical perspective that connects personal growth with our world’s ancient history and with a deep sense of responsibility for our collective future. She has done extensive personal contemplation beginning with her first ten-day retreat in 1983 in Nepal, and two years later the 3-month mindfulness intensive at Insight Meditation Society and Yoga Teacher Certification at Kripalu Center, followed by thirty+ years of sustained practice, study, and international teaching. She was awarded a Philadelphia Social Innovators’ Award in 2019 for the violence reduction work of her non-profit Inner Strength Foundation.

Amy is the author of the IPPY award-winning educational bestseller The Conscious Classroom , The Inner Strength Teacher’s Manual,  Great Awakenings: Radical Visions of Spiritual Love & Evolution, and a book of poetry We All Come From Somewhere. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband philosopher Jeff Carreira. She loves this “city of brotherly love” and its visionary roots, and spends a lot of time walking its historic streets, inspired by America’s founders to think creatively and optimistically about ways to refashion our social, educational, environmental, and cultural frameworks to support the the fulfillment and well-being of all.

About Emergence Education

Jeff Carreira and Amy Edelstein founded Emergence Education and its Press in 2012 to share the insights and voices of new thinkers who offer us innovative ways of seeing the world.

Each author we feature inspires us to re-interpret time-honored wisdom, intuit new paradigms and ways of being in the world, and cultivate more meaningful and compassionate relatedness.

We hope you benefit from the works in our collection and the emergent paradigms they point to. We certainly have.

View our catalog here: press.emergenceeducation.com

About the Inner Strength Foundation

The Inner Strength Foundation was established in 2014 to foster inner strength for outer stability in today’s youth. Over 15,000 high school students have been empowered by this 3-month training. The Inner Strength Foundation is the only teen mindfulness program to include training in a developmental, integrated perspective. This empowers youth with tools to cope with challenges and perspectives to contextualize those experiences. For promising teens who are struggling with the effects of trauma, poverty, and urban violence, this training can make all the difference. And when our youth are able to realize their higher potentials, the whole world benefits.

Visit the website here innerstrengthfoundation.net

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