Insights from Uncommon Mystics

Immerse Yourself in the Joy of Spiritual Reflection with 6 Inspired Mystics.

with Amy Edelstein

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Do you remember one book that set you on your spiritual quest?

Was there a mystic who ignited your passion for a truth beyond reach that still felt closer-than-close?

Did you ever come across a new way of thinking that transported you into a different world of possibility?

The spiritual freedom realized by individuals from different cultures shows us different ways to create a better future. Their profound care and unique expressions fuels our own passion to transform ourselves and the world we share. In this series, you will meet 6 mystics, each with an inspired heart and far-reaching vision, and you will discover a way to contemplate their works that will enrich your spiritual practice.

What’s included

  • 7 entertaining, educational & inspirational email lessons.
  • Curated quotes that showcase the unique beauty of each mystic.
  • Personal accounts from Amy about how each visionary opened up their own spiritual hearts.
  • A memorable biographical picture of the mystic and the times they lived in.

Allow yourself to

  • Discover unexpected facts about some of today’s great masters.
  • Experience how varied and uplifting the portal to awakened insight can be.
  • Believe anew in the possibility of a spiritual view that fertilizes the soul and the mind.

Take each one with you

  • Savor each installment on your lunchbreak. Your co-workers will wonder what mini-vacation you just went on.
  • Start your meditation with a reading and experience new depth and openness.
  • Share these in your book study group, with your partner, friend, child and delight in the conversation that emerges.
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I felt well supported (without being confronted with anything in particular). The program works in subtle ways. Amy lets you walk your own way, at your own pace but with guidance and support.

Amy’s answers to questions came out of vast personal experiences, often challenging because of the subtlety of the questions–and always asked with compassion.

The 6 Featured Spiritual Visionaries
You Will Learn About

Abraham Joshua Heschel

20th Century theologian, rabbinic scholar, mystic, and courageous civil rights activist.

Teilhard de Chardin

Jesuit priest, award-winning paleontologist, and one of the leading voices of evolutionary spirituality.


15th Century Indian poet and lover of the Divine

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Father of American Trancendentalism, mystic, philosopher, the great sage of Concord.

Ram Dass

Cultural revolutionary from Harvard, LSD pioneer, social activist, who broke new ground and then sowed many seeds.

Ramana Maharshi

The saint from Tiruvanamalai, powerful transmitter of Vedantic nondual philosophy and common sense living.

Plus Amy Edelstein’s Own Story

About the Teacher

Amy Edelstein, founder of the Inner Strength Foundation and cofounder of Emergence Education, is a gifted educator and writer committed to individual transformation and the evolution of our shared cultural values. Her work transforming inner city classrooms with the tools of mindfulness and process philosophy are changing lives for thousands of inner city teens. Amy trained as a clinical pastoral chaplain, is the first interfaith minister of Evolutionary Spirituality and was OUnI’s Wisdom Chair. She is a Cornell University College Scholar, with a background in Judaic philosophy, as well as four years of study with a number of preeminent teachers in Asia in the early 1980s, before beginning her practice of evolutionary philosophy in the West in 1986. She has written numerous articles about various contemporary thinkers and is the author of four books including The Conscious Classroom and Great Awakenings: radical visions of spiritual love and evolution.