How to Communicate – Skills to Connect

Amy EdelsteinRelationships

Communication skills in relationshipCommunication . . . everyone wants to know how, what, and when to share. “How can I communicate in a more ‘enlightened’ way around difficult issues?” “Are there criteria to help us let go of what isn’t helpful, useful, relevant, or important to bring up?”

Through learning the principles in Love, Marriage & Evolution you’ll start to realize you have skills, tools, and a pathway through the briar patch of charged issues. In our quest for the Holy Grail of intimacy, we all want and need to get to the higher clearing on the other side of the thorns so we can continue on the grand adventure of human evolution.

Before I move on to give you answers in the posts to come, I want to encourage a thought process.

Spend a few minutes at least two or three times this week. Reflect quietly. Make some notes in a notebook you get for the purpose of reflection.

1. What do you communicate best about?

2. When do you find your communication is most caring?

3. What would you like to be able to do better? (Remember better does not always equal easier!)


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