Emergence Education, LLC was founded by Amy Edelstein and Jeff Carreira in 2012. Our goal is to support as many people as possible to experience deep insight into the mystical heart of life and to live a life infused by the wonder of our ever-evolving universe.

Our vision is of inspiring as many people as possible with:
– the extraordinary potential revealed by spiritual experience
– an understanding of personal and cultural development
– an appreciation for the vast unfolding processes of the universe.

Our mission is to evoke and catalyze the experience of depth, Love, and wonder at the mystery at the heart of life. We are committed to working in as many creative ways as we can to deepening all of our confidence in our own capacity for more profound relatedness, empathy, inspiration, creativity, and development.

Emergence Education provides innovative and grounded transformational programming, coursework, coaching, and written materials. We maintain our own publishing imprint for innovative philosophy, cultural development, and spiritual writings. We believe, as our first title so boldly says, “Philosophy is not a luxury.”

Emergence Education’s Values:
C   Compassion
A   Awareness
R   Respect
E   Education

Emergence Education Founders

Amy Edelstein

Amy is passionate about creating community programming that supports and encourages us to develop our capacity for Love, depth, mystical insight, and a deeper sense of our relatedness. Her education in spiritual philosophy and processes of individual and cultural transformation has spanned 30 years. Amy has developed an innovative Mindfulness & Cultural Development for teens, specifically to give our inner city youth tools to manage often confusing and challenging life circumstances. She publishes, teaches, and continues her ongoing research and education, while continually creating new programming that applies her deep understanding of the dynamics of transformation to help individuals and groups grow beyond their own expectations.


Jeff Carreira

Jeff has been a passionate educator and intrepid explorer of philosophical schools of thought that relate to individual and cultural development. With a Masters Degree in Education & Curriculum Development, Jeff has applied his deep insight into mystical awareness to create innovative and effective coursework for individuals and groups. He maintains an active teaching schedule with both in-person and virtual programming. Jeff’s own philosophical inquiry takes new turns from the American Transcendentalists, to Pragmatism, and most recently into Skeptical Realism, which he regular documents in insightful and pithy publications.