Inner Strength Teachers Manual by Amy Edelstein

ISF Teacher Training: Systemic Thinking & Developmental Perspective

Inner Strength Teacher Training Part II

July 9 – Aug 4, 2019: Includes webinar format & in-person training weekend Aug 2-4

In Part II of the Inner Strength teacher training you will develop the understanding and ability to teach students to see their experience in a larger context.

You will learn how to:

— Give simple and graspable explanations for how teens can take more responsibility for themselves by understanding the neurological triggers that have developed over 300 million years.
— Guide students back into a simpler time in history, enabling them to appreciate the advances they benefit from and reduce the insecurity they feel in relationship to the complexity of modern culture.
— Integrate these tools with the practice of mindful exercises.

Registration for Part II includes a copy of the 100+ page Mindfulness & Cultural Development Teacher’s Manual. This manual includes detailed lesson plans, additional resources for teachers, and teaching tools for the classroom. Part II includes an in-person training retreat August 2-4 in the Philadelphia area.


Successful completion of both Part I and II (mindfulness and the developmental perspective) is required to receive your Inner Strength System Teacher’s Certificate of Training.

Inner Strength Teacher Training Part I and II: Full details and registration available here.





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Jul 09 2019 - Aug 04 2019


Webinar & In Person