High Expectations for Your Relationship

Amy EdelsteinRelationships, Values, Ethics, Morals

High expectations in relationships inspire An Infinite Context

An infinite context allows us to set high expectations for our own development and for the context of our relationship–and live inspired by the updraft those expectations create for us.

What’s an infinite context? It’s a direct relationship with the unending process of evolution of the universe, of the way matter, energy, life unfold, expand, create new potentials, die, and emerge anew. It’s a direct inner relationship with the infinite nature of Spirit, Being, what some mystics have called the spiritual Heart, others called Being or Is-ness, others called Emptiness, Fullness, and Love.

Take a moment and reflect on that sense of unboundedness, that taste of inner freedom.

Now take a moment to set your relationship gently in the midst of that, as if you’re planting your relationship in the nest of the universe. Experience the simultaneous space and freedom, and warmth and nourishment.

This is a profound context and then what we aspire to together, what we want to create and the way we want to live with our partners becomes defined by that context. Sustained by already fullness, fueled by the freedom of the inner Self, we can define values, habits, and aspirations in a very different way.

Consider how the value set from this vantage point can easily include discovering ways to come together in higher orders of unity, harmony, and complexity. As our lives unfold together, we continually have new vistas to explore and new orders of deep security and Love to rest in.

Defining expectations according to a vast and deep context serves more than only navigating our daily ups and downs. It sets the fertile conditions for inner transformation, which then nourishes us with the energy of wholeness and discovery, and evolves the values of the culture we share.

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