“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.”

– Henry David Thoreau

I warmly invite you to join me for a weekend of mindfulness training. This weekend we will explore the wonder of mindful awareness and the power of integrating insights from this practice into your life.

If you have been hearing about mindfulness and wanted to get live instruction from an experienced teacher, this is your opportunity. I did my first 10-day meditation retreat in Nepal in 1982! If you are an experienced practitioner, or a teacher of mindful awareness with your own clients, patients, students, or children, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to engage with the meditative depths that are possible to reach.

On this weekend, you will learn and be able to refine your own understanding. You’ll explore new ways to practice and get answers to your questions about how to best relate to thought, feeling, and awareness.

If you are interested in mindful living I encourage you to come.

If cost is an issue, please contact me. I have a limited number of scholarship opportunities. I consider mindfulness and the opportunity for introspection that it brings to be essential skills for these challenging times and I want to empower everyone to benefit from these tools. If you want to learn to bring mindfulness to your neighborhood school or family, this is an ideal weekend for you.

I look forward to sharing this precious time together,

Amy Edelstein


— Day 1: Mindfulness: The Practice & Potential

During the first day of the retreat you will be guided into the practice of mindfulness. You will explore what the essential instructions are, how to follow them, and why such simple guidelines have transported millions of people out of self-criticism, stress, and fear to ease of being, joy, and awakened mind for over 2300 years. This immersion into the practice of mindful meditation will illuminate the extraordinary potential and power inherent in paying attention to things as they are.

Most of us suffer from challenging thoughts and feelings from time to time, or far more regularly. Recent neuroscience studies have shown the long-term cost of living under stress. It affects our bodies, our brains, our memories, our emotional availability, and our long term brain health.

But getting a handle on worry or fear is not so easy. We have a lifetime of habit and it seems to take more than a 5-minute YouTube video to help us learn a different way to be.

Mindfuness is a powerful practice to shift our relationship to our experience from one of dread to one of curiosity.

In this practice, you will learn how to relate to thought and feeling in a way that will release stress, provide wholesome objectivity, and give you something far more uplifting to put your attention on—the mystery of liberated awareness.

— Day 2: Mindfulness: From Retreat to Your Busy Life

During the second day of the retreat you will continue to engage with the subtlety and release of mindfulness practice. You’ll experience the effect of the momentum we created during a full day of immersion. In the middle of this highly supportive environment, you’ll learn how to maintain your connection with open awareness in the middle of a work, family, or community schedule that can be all too challenging.

For many of us, the experience of retreat is a highlight. We can let go of distraction and allow ourselves the luxury of focusing on what we truly love and what nourishes us the most. During these times, we often think, “I wish I could be like the practitioners of old and disappear into a secluded retreat center for months or years of meditative immersion!” We often feel regret that we have to “go back” to our ordinary lives.

While those feelings are understandable, both retreat and busy circumstances provide two different and valuable opportunities for self-nourishment and self-discovery.

In this session we’ll talk about the relationship to the mind—in the midst of the board meeting, social activist planning session, classroom, and family time. I’ll help you unpack common misconceptions and show you how to be an adept in worldly life.

This day will be invaluable to more deeply integrate and own your own insights and intuitions. We all have access to enormous depth, this session will show you how to tap into that depth in an ongoing way.


— Date and Location

The retreat will be held on Saturday April 21 and Sunday April 22, 2018 on the beautiful grounds of the Pendle Hill retreat center just outside of Philadelphia, PA.

— Retreat Schedule

Saturday, April 15
9:00 am – 9:30 am Registration
9:30 am – Midday Introduction to Mindfulness Practice followed by Guided Meditation Sessions
Midday – 1:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm – 4:00 pm Instruction & Guided Meditation Sessions
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm Dialog and Discussion Session
6:00 pm – 7:00 Dinner
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm Evening Practice, Love & Kindness Meditation
Sunday, April 16
7:00 am – 8:00 am Guided Meditation Session
9:00 am – Midday Applying the Depth of Mindfulness…in the midst of a busy life
followed by Guided Meditation Sessions
Midday – 1:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Instruction & Guided Meditation Sessions


Take advantage of a special $50 discount when you register before March 25.

Partial scholarships are available to make the training accessible. Please contact for more information.

Room Type
Single Room $450 Register – $400
Shared Room $375 Register – $325
Commuter $295 Register – $245
* Tuition

Tuition fees cover tuition, room (Except for Commuter) and meals from lunch Saturday through lunch Sunday and are listed as per person prices.

** Cancellation Policy

Refunds are available up to two weeks prior to the start of the retreat with a $75 cancellation fee. No refunds will be awarded within two weeks prior to the retreat.

Amy Edelstein

Amy Edelstein, author, educator, and public speaker is a powerful communicator of ideas and beliefs that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in. She teaches a spiritually awakened perspective and the significance of an evolutionary worldview. Her short programs and year-long trainings help individuals and groups develop. Engaging, sensitive, and insightful, Amy’s mission is to support as many people as possible to grow beyond their own expectations.

She is the founder and Executive Director of the Inner Strength Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports youth development. Its flagship teen mindfulness & cultural development program is an innovative training for inner city youth combining mindfulness and social-emotional learning tools with an developmental perspective on the way our culture and neuro-physiology influence us. Over 3000 Philadelphia public school students have been trained in this 12-week program as part of their regular curriculum. Amy is also the co-founder of Emergence Education and its soon to be launched publishing house. Emergence Education and its Press produce courses, educational materials, and books in service of individual transformation and the emergence of new paradigms of thinking and cultural development. Her latest book is The Conscious Classroom: the Inner Strength System for transforming the teenage mind (Fall 2017).