“Life has a way of unexpectedly touching the heart, expanding our consciousness, and sparking insights in profound ways.”

~ Amy Edelstein

Innovative Educator | Author | Meditation Teacher

Co-Founder of Emergence Education & Its Publishing House

Founder of the Inner Strength Foundation

People ask me how I ended up dedicating my life to personal and cultural change. Like so many of us, I took a path that now seems to be a clear set of steps and choices, yet as my life unfolded unexpected turns always led me to the next venture. Early on, I began exploring shifts of perspectives, the nature of awareness, and models to transform ourselves and the culture we live in. I consciously began this work in the late 1970s, though that stirring was there in my earliest memories. I was always wondering: How did we get to where we are? How can we make the world a more loving and awakened place to live? What is our deeper purpose and higher capacities?

My journey led me around the world and back again. From Pittsburgh to Jerusalem, from Cornell to Kathmandu, from the Berkshire Hills to Center City, Philadelphia. I have led retreats in Copenhagen and Tel Aviv. Taught corporate executives, women’s groups, and aspiring millennials. Now it’s my delight and privilege to share the best of what I’ve learned primarily with inner city teens, just the age I was when I first began to ask questions about the nature of life, systems, and development. My mission is to help as many people as possible realize their higher potentials and live happy and fulfilled lives. I teach tools and perspectives that open minds and hearts, enabling all of us to be bright lights in the world. I look forward to connecting with you.

The Inner Strength Foundation is where most of Amy’s time and energy is currently directed. Established in 2014 to foster inner strength for outer stability in today’s youth, ISF brings the tools of mindfulness and the perspective of cultural development to 2000 students in inner city classrooms. ISF believes that the promise of our future rests on curious, compassionate, and grounded minds and hearts. Its work is dedicated to empowering the youth of today to become the great leaders of tomorrow.

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Amy combines intellectual audacity and originality with deep spiritual insight, all wrapped in a gentle, thoughtful approach that allows for real depth!

Being on retreat feels like the threshold of the life I have been working toward for years. A turning point this dramatic is rarely so gentle and quiet… So grateful for the teachings, the community, and the beautiful environment.

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A portion of Amy’s work goes to support teen mindfulness and cultural development through the tax-deductible work of the Inner Strength Foundation.