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Seattle Retreat

April 1-2

Wise Women’s Residential Retreat
with Amy Edelstein
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Philly Retreat

April 15-16

Meditation Retreat
with Jeff Carreira & Amy Edelstein
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Morning V-Meditation!

There’s no time like the present to immerse yourself in spiritual¬†discovery

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Amy Edelstein speaker

Life has a way of unexpectedly touching the heart, expanding our consciousness, and sparking insights in profound ways.

Often, those moments of grace and epiphany simply melt back into our awareness, as foam folds back into the sea. We can take those glimpses of the possible and uplift our entire experience of life. We can shift from being participants in a vast and often overwhelming event to experiencing deep connectivity and support. When we do this, we discover a deep relatedness–with ourselves, each other, and all of life. And that’s a wonderful thing.

I have dedicated my life to exploring these shifts of perspectives and now I’m moved and privileged to be sharing them both with adults and with inner city youth. Join me in deepening ourselves and in introducing high school students to the enriching perspectives and practices that can make all the difference in their lives and in our shared future.

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