Love as the Many & the One * Beatrice Bruteau

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Beatrice Bruteau Love both implies differentiation and creates union. But each union engenders further differentiation, which intends further union. This network of interactions is called “community” because it is a moving balance of differentiation and union. It does not settle in either way, as many or as one. It is always both. ~Beatrice Bruteau, God’s Ecstacy   For more inspiration, meditate with … Read More

The Symmetry of God & the World * Alfred North Whitehead

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Alfred North Whitehead It is as true to say that God is permanent and the World fluent, as that the World is permanent and God is fluent. It is as true to say that God is one and the World many, as that the World is one and God many. It is as true to say that, in comparison with the World, God is actual eminently, as that, in comparison with God, the World is actual eminently. It is as true to say that God is permanent and the World fluent, as that the World is permanent and God is fluent. It is as true to say that God is one and the World many, as that the World is one and God many. 10 It is as true to say that, in comparison with the World, God is actual eminently, as that, in comparison with God, the World is actual eminently. ~ Alfred North Whitehead, Process & Reality For more inspiration, meditate with the mystics 

Nature in Creativity * Goethe

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Goethe So joyously, many years ago, And so eagerly, my mind strove To discover, to experience, How Nature in creativity lives. And it is the everlasting One, That reveals itself in the many: Small is great, great is small, Everything after its own way; Ever changing, ever constant, Near and far, far and near, Shaping, re-shaping — In Wonder at … Read More