Serve. Love. Remember.

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Thank you Ram Dass for a lifetime of devotion . . . We’re Always Here, It’s Always Now Ram Dass (b.1931 – d. 2019)) By Amy Edelstein Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha! Gone/Gone/Gone Beyond/Gone Beyond Beyond Hail the Goer Beyond even conceiving of a place Beyond which you can go beyond Who’s adventurous enough to want to go On … Read More

Back to School with Inner Strength

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The following is an excerpt from Amy Edelstein’s reflections in preparation for entering the new school year. It was originally published in the Inner Strength Foundation September 2018 newsletter. You can also read the full piece on the Inner Strength Foundation website.   Inner Strength programs are going into this year strong Today I finally put the finishing touches on … Read More

Diversity Dialogues: Kori Hamilton Biagas & Amy Edelstein Explore Racial Literacy

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Amy Edelstein interviews Kori Hamilton Biagas from JustEducators about what racial literacy

Understanding and deconstructing racial ideas and divides Amy Edelstein interviews Kori Hamilton Biagas from JustEducators about what racial literacy is, how to work in classrooms to lessen racial stress, and how to engage in a positive way to deconstruct our culturally inherited (and often outdated, false, misguided, and even dangerous) ideas about this issue. “As long as there is a … Read More

Whiteness | Jonathan Miller-Lane

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Exploring Whiteness an essential reflection on privilege if we are to transform the inequities in our culture with Jonathan Miller-Lane Ph.D., Middlebury College Jonathan Miller-Lane earned his Ph.D. in Secondary Education from the University of Washington, Seattle, with a thesis that focused on the facilitation of disagreement in discussion and how the practices of Aikido might help with facilitation skills. … Read More

Diversity Dialogues | Conrad Caton on His New Film NERGIG

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Recently I’ve had the good fortune to be in dialogue with insightful and engaged individuals who are really thinking about race, diversity, division, and how our culture can lean in — and step into a better worldview. A new cultural paradigm needs to see the past with an unflinching eye and an open heart. One that embraces history because it … Read More