Is Marriage Outdated? What’s So Evolutionary About an Ancient Tradition?

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Is marriage outdated?

People want to know why, in the age where so many traditional notions about women, men, and coupling have changed, where we consider everything including choosing our own preferred gender pronoun, I use the term marriage so readily.

I use the term intentionally, in part because it’s convenient to signify many beautiful qualities, and in part to bounce off against a superficial understanding or aversion to the term. These days, many young people use the term lightly, unconvinced of the possibility of deep and lasting connection. Others from more traditional backgrounds imbue the term with ritual and rhythms of the home that more often than not clash with the realities of our contemporary life. For some it’s a highly charged political term. And others don’t think about it much one way or the other.

When I use the term marriage, I use it intentionally and specifically, and I mean it somewhat loosely. I use it because of some of the responses it evokes — both positive and reactive ones. And I use it to point to some of the good qualities that can emerge when people commit to each other. I also believe the term can be and needs to be updated. And I hope that in this blog and process, we will do so together, creating a contemporary framework for deep intimacy, trust, love, and even the evolution of consciousness.

I like the word marriage because it implies dedication and commitment in relationship. Commitment is valuable and necessary for certain types of depth and stability to be built. I am not particularly biasing the civil institution of marriage over couples who are together without being legally “married.” So please read the word loosely in that sense, and consider it the best marker to express an intentionality, love, friendship, affection, and commitment to be together.

For those of you who are’t in committed relationships, keep reading, this blog and process is still useful!

Love, Marriage & Evolution provides insight regardless of what position we are in vis-á-vis relationships—whether we are in a long-term relationship, beginning a new one, single, or transitioning out of a long-term alliance.

Here’s what to expect ahead:

  • If you’re not in a relationship right now, you’ll practice ways to develop with another, learning the guidelines that create community. And you’ll experience inspiration to enter into your next relationship with love, confidence, and stability–putting all the right building blocks in place in the right order
  • If you’re currently in a beautiful relationship, I will support you to build shared agreements for mutual fulfillment, intimacy, trust, and inner transformation.
  • If you’re in a brand new relationship, you’ll internalize a perspective so you will be able to soar with the emotions of happiness while not losing your head in the light atmosphere up there. (And crashing with life and hormones change)
  • If you are transitioning out of a long-term partnership, you can do so in a way that honors and respects the time you’ve spent together.We want to give as much value and significance as we can to what we’ve created together. By honoring life experience and connections, we allow for the best possible next step into a new phase of our lives.

This exploration, and the Love, Marriage & Evolution process, regardless of your “status” or definition, is still be for you.

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