Meditate-to-Educate: Support Developmental Education in Guatemala

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Skype philosophy education with Integral Heart


Skype philosophy education with Integral Heart

Cofounder Debora Prieto, with Jeff Carreira on Skype, teaching Integral Heart students

I consider myself privileged to be partnering with the Integral Heart Foundation and invite you to join this powerfully transformative endeavor in one of three ways.

I am traveling to Guatemala to teach the older students of this innovative and future-oriented education project and to lead this 12-hour meditation marathon. The goal? Raising $75,000 to support whole student education.

on for 3 schools with children ranging from Kindergarten to young adults in High School in La Antigua, Guatemala.

It’s a beautiful and integral, evolutionary, spiritual program run by Mick Quinn and Debora Prieto as a labor of Love, and their efforts prove that Love can move mountains.

The funds this project raises will directly support the foundation’s Critical-Thinking program for teenagers, helping to provide meeting space, a teacher training program, an entry-level critical thinking course, materials, books, education sponsorships, regular visits to the students villages for whole child/family support, salaries and health insurance for staff members.  (Click HERE for a full breakdown of the budget).

Through the Critical-Thinking Program, students learn:

School meditation in Guatemala

Integral Heart students meditating

– Concepts of classic philosophy, like Plato & Descartes
– Meditation, both the posture and the Zen practice itself
– Awareness and appreciation of world religions
– Sexuality and appreciation of sexual preferences
– Morals and ethics
– Human evolution and evolution of consciousness
– Values and Decision Making
– Integral Theory and the ability to take multiple perspectives
on problems and opportunities.
– The Big Mind Process, a merging of Voice Dialogue therapy with
Zen Buddhist conceptions of self and mind

Now you can see why I described my anticipation of traveling there for the Meditate-to-Educate program on December 7th as an experience of privilege and appreciation.

You can be part of this effort too! There is a small but global network of people like us, inspired by what’s possible through education, meditation, heart, and Big Love.

Your contributions go a LONG way!

1. Support the Meditate-to-Education fundraiser with any size donation. (Really, the price of a latte goes a long way.)

2. Download my free ebook (which is currently being translated into Spanish for use with the older students) Love, Marriage & Evolution and I will donate $3 in your name.

3. Register for my next course Deepening Your Practice before December 25th and I will donate 20% of your registration fees.

Integral Heart Meditate to Educate

Want to Meditate?

4. Attend the Integral Heart Foundation’s worldwide meditation event

Saturday, December 7th, 2013, from 8 AM EST – 8 PM EST

The event includes guided meditations from teachers including Ken Wilber, Jeff Carreira, Diane Hamilton and myself.

Consciousness is One. I look forward to meditating with you December 7th.

What do you think?