Self Reflection

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Meditation & Neuroscience for Teens

Self Reflection

Bodine High School, IB Program
College Aspiration: Forensic Science
Meditation helps me a lot especially when I am in a quiet place. When we meditate in a classroom all together, the beginning of it is very antsy but eventually it gets to the point where the whole atmosphere is just calm and quiet. When I have the time I meditate at home but I do it without closing my eyes since I feel as though I should be aware of my surroundings but also focus on my thoughts.

I like to self reflect and since there is no one to guide me I don’t feel as though it is that difficult to just be on your own. When I close my eyes and guide myself it could be a little harder because you are trying to tell your brain and body what to do and also following the instructions.

I realize that when I meditate in class I start off antsy but eventually calm down. When I am meditating by myself at home I don’t really get myself worked up and don’t really want to move. I start off calmly and end calm but relaxed, and I would feel good about myself because I actually did it.

I remember the first time I tried to meditate at home and I didn’t start out confident but directing my whole body was just a bit overwhelming and I ended up kinda panicking. I was kind of frustrated and confused at first at how people could just meditate by themselves and actually guide themselves through the whole process. I found out that it actually just took time and practice to do so.

My friends and I don’t meditate with each other but we kind of self reflect on things. In the beginning I really didn’t think meditation would actually help me because I would eventually doze off or start to dream and get off topic with the whole guided meditation. But I realized it wasn’t too bad and now I can meditate by myself, without any guidance from another person.

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