Insight on Love & Marriage from a New, Evolutionary Perspective

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Love & marriage advice and insight from Amy Edelstein

The purpose of Love, Marriage & Evolution’s contemplation process is to open up a context so you can find your way. What does that mean and how does it work? This posture and perspective towards life sets your very special and unique relationship within a vast and broad framework. A frame as large as the unfolding of the entire universe. Can something … Read More

Love, Marriage & Evolution

Amy EdelsteinCultural Development, Relationships

Love, Marriage & Evolution  is an 8 chapter, 166 page book and guide for contemplation released in November 2013. Download a complimentary copy here or purchase a print copy for your ongoing use.   Excerpt from Chapter 2  LOVE All You Need Is Love? As we look at how we want to update our understanding and expression of love, it’s … Read More