Creating Inner Space for Insight and Inner Strength

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  The following is an excerpt from Amy Edelstein’s reflections when introducing a new group of students to a mindful breath practice, and their positive and enthusiastic response. This piece was originally published in the Inner Strength Foundation October 2018 newsletter. You can also read the full piece on the Inner Strength Foundation website. “As an educator, when you see … Read More

Book Launch & Workshop: The Conscious Classroom

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The Conscious Classroom Workshop & Book Launch

LIVE EVENT & LIVE WEBSTREAM In this live from Victoria BC and live-web streamed workshop, Amy Edelstein will take you into the wisdom of her new release The Conscious Classroom. You will learn about a system that has been empowering 4000 teens in the inner city of Philadelphia to calm, focus, connect, and access their deeper intelligence and trust in life. … Read More

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Teen Classroom Mindfulness,

How do you win the respect of teenage African American girls when you’re a soft-spoken, sensitive African American male teacher, educated at Columbia and UPenn, a musician, social activist, cultural commentator with hipster leanings, note the dreads and plaid poncho perfectly draped? You got it. Not easy. The more postmodern pluralism you allow in the classroom, the more challenges you … Read More

Teens Discover Context & Compassion

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teen mindfulness programs in Philadelphia with Amy Edelstein

Published by the Shift Network Teens Discover Context & Compassion Posted July 2, 2015 By Amy Edelstein I’m sitting at a café having miso-mushroom soup, processing my meeting with an inner city high school principal about expanding the Mindfulness and Cultural Developmentprogram next year. The pilot was so successful; she would like it to see it reach the entire freshman … Read More