Being an Example

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Being an Example


A very different angle to look at our relationships. Try this approach and see what changes in your own experience and appreciation of your partner.

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One Comment on “Being an Example”

  1. Very Good look at the Relationship Dynamic! Someone who you travel through life with brings a Far Greater Understanding and Fufillment of what could be considered Familar and Mundane…. Looking for the Miraculas in Everyday Life! And Not to take that for Granted even through Years of being together! It’s Hard sometimes- but try looking at things ” As through a Child’s Eyes!” As easy as that sounds….. Just try it sometimes! A Zen concept that can be a “Tough Fit” in our Busy and Complicated Lives! Being Accepting of those who see things differently and possibly learning more about Ourselves through those Experiences! I’m still a “Student” in this thing called Life! And Hopefully will always be a “Student!” -Jan

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