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Amy Edelstein & Katherine Miller UPenn

Master Vegan Chef & Transformative Nutritionist Katherine Miller speaks at the Waverly Reading Library Series

An Epicurean Relationship to Health

As Katherine explains, “Pleasure is central to our experience of being human, and the desire for pleasure (and the avoidance of pain) is a motivating factor in everything we do.”

Listen to or download the audio of Katherine’s talk on pleasure and health here:



Katherine Miller on pleasure, health, and consciousness.Listen as Katherine speaks to a Philly audience about how ancient philosophical precepts and our desire for pleasure come together to improve our health and sense of well being.
Katherine has spent her whole life exploring this question: how does the food we eat create radiant health, in body, mind, and spirit? To find the answer she studied macrobiotics and other dietary regimens,
raised a family on whole-foods, became a yoga and meditation teacher, and served as Executive Chef at a spiritual retreat center for 14 years. She also received certification as aKatherine Miller Vegan Chef speaks at Waverly Reading Library health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and as a Master Fermentologist to guide people to better intestinal health. In 2010 she created, to teach people practical ways to shift their experience of healthy eating into a new dimension of possibility and pleasure. Recently she launched a new venture,, dedicated to guiding women during their transition through menopause. Both businesses offer both virtual and in-person programs designed to guide you in the discovery and practice of radiant health.


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