An Ecosystem for Emergence

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Teleseminar with Amy Edelstein

An Ecosystem for Emergence

Spring Teleseminar

Millions around the world will be celebrating the Easter and Passover holidays and the arrival of Spring this weekend.It’s a time when the birds and the bulbs urge us to celebrate the spirit of freedom and the irrepressible impulse and beauty of life. It is the season to clear out the old and prepare ground for the new. 

This one-hour teleseminar explores the dynamics of renewal and emergence. It explores a spiritual and philosophical pathway that helps us understand what the dynamics are of an inner ecosystem primed for emergence. We’ll look at questions including: How do we cultivate the qualities that lead to spiritual growth? What are the elements of a spiritual ecology? What are signs of emergence? How can we increase the dimensionality of our relatedness with one another and with the world around and within us? 

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