How to Communicate – Skills to Connect

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Communication . . . everyone wants to know how, what, and when to share. “How can I communicate in a more ‘enlightened’ way around difficult issues?” “Are there criteria to help us let go of what isn’t helpful, useful, relevant, or important to bring up?” Through learning the principles in Love, Marriage & Evolution you’ll start to realize you have skills, tools, … Read More

Love, Marriage & Evolution

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Love, Marriage & Evolution  is an 8 chapter, 166 page book and guide for contemplation released in November 2013. Download a complimentary copy here or purchase a print copy for your ongoing use.   Excerpt from Chapter 2  LOVE All You Need Is Love? As we look at how we want to update our understanding and expression of love, it’s … Read More

Stewards of the Planet: Jane Goodall

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Amy Edelstein interviews Dr. Jane Goodall Dr. Jane Goodall, primate specialist, UN Ambassador for Peace, and special advisor to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, seemed to be everywhere at the World Summit for Sustainable Development, ever patient and stridently impatient. She glided from event to event, observing with a scientist’s eye, responding with a mystic’s heart, and synthesizing with an … Read More