A New Biography of Yogananda: Amy Interviews Philip Goldberg about his Insightful New Book

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Dialogue with Philip Goldberg about his book The Life of Yogananda

  Amy speaks with Philip Goldberg about his illuminating new book The Life of Yogananda Philip Goldberg’s authoritative biography of Yogananda – the first ever – was published on April 24, 2018. The Los Angeles Times named Paramahansa Yogananda “the 20th century’s first superstar guru” and today, nearly a century after he arrived in the United States, he’s undisputedly still the … Read More

I AM * Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

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Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa “Your very life-breath must become the conscious, timeless affirmation of Reality by Reality SOHAM, SOHAM–I a It, It is I. Only the dualistic imagination perceives some separate practitioner who akes this primordial affirmation SOHAM. To lose completely any notion of separate self, no matter how subtle or instinctive is the true definition of sannyasa, the blessed life of renunciation … Read More

Start Close In * David Whyte

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David Whyte Start close in, don’t take the second step or the third, start with the first thing close in, the step you don’t want to take. Start with the ground you know, the pale ground beneath your feet, your own way of starting the conversation. Start with your own question, give up on other people’s questions, don’t let them … Read More