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Thank you Ram Dass for a lifetime of devotion . . . We’re Always Here, It’s Always Now Ram Dass (b.1931 – d. 2019)) By Amy Edelstein Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha! Gone/Gone/Gone Beyond/Gone Beyond Beyond Hail the Goer Beyond even conceiving of a place Beyond which you can go beyond Who’s adventurous enough to want to go On … Read More

Great Awakenings Cover Story

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Great Awakenings with Amy Edelstein & Chris Parish

The winning photo for my new anthology, coauthored with Chris Parish, Great Awakenings: Radical Visions of Spiritual Love & Evolution was photographed in March 1983, on a trek north of the Kathmandu Valley, in the Langtang mountain region. How I got there is a story and a promise that happened a few years before. In the blacklight room of my … Read More