Erika Nicole Finn Interviews Amy on Live, Love, Grow

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Erika Nicole Finn interviews Amy Edelstein

Listen to the interview here.

Host Erika Nicole Finn talks to author Amy Edelstein about how we can increase the likelihood of a successful marriage by looking at how love and marriage have evolved.

About Amy Edelstein: Amy is an author, educator and speaker. Amy is the co-founder of Emergence Education, which produces educational materials for personal growth and the exploration of cultural development. She is author of the new book Love, Marriage & Evolution. Find out more about Amy at

About Erika Nicole Finn: Erika is a lifestyle coach, Huffpost blogger, lawyer and host of Live.Love.Grow. She is so grateful for her loyal following on Live.Love.Grow., and for the opportunity to share her guest’s inspiring stories each week with the podcast community. You can find out more about Erika at

Listen to the interview here.

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