Guided Meditation: The Process of Life

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One with the Process of Evolution Setting our lives within the immense brushstroke of evolutionary unfolding is a powerful orientation that supports the realization of our personal and spiritual ideals. It’s also a powerful contextualization for marriage and relationship. Take a moment. Let your own life dissolve into the ever moving, fluid process of life, birth, death, innovation, dispersal, collaboration. … Read More

Relationship Expectations: What We Expect & Why

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“But I’m Open, I Don’t Have Expectations” We all have expectations in relationship. That’s not a bad thing. We want to direct our lives, live meaningfully and purposefully. Experience growth, development, happiness. Expectations include questions like these: What do we want our life to be based on? What do we want the quality of our relationship to be? What do … Read More

Learning the Art of Relationship

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High on many people’s list, and maybe yours as well, is the question “How do I tap into my ‘spiritual space’ so I can be different towards my loved one?” “How can I shed my old skin, my old self?” We can learn how to cultivate a living, spiritual perspective and make it our own. Accomplished people have no hesitation … Read More

The Rhythms of Change

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The Rhythms of Change - Amy Edelstein

Excerpt from Amy Edelstein’s book Love, Marriage & Evolution: Chapter 8 Part of the tension that can occur in a relationship is when one person is going through a period of intense growth and their partner is in a period of assimilation or integration. We don’t always stay in the same rhythm of development together. That’s okay. Successfully managing these … Read More

A Place Called Home

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A Place Called Home - Amy Edelstein

Excerpt from Amy Edelstein’s book Love, Marriage & Evolution: Chapter 7 After a certain age, when we hear the word home, it doesn’t conjure up our parent’s house anymore. It’s something we expect to create in our marriage; we expect to experience coming home when we are with each other. Think about it though, we’re not necessarily very clear about … Read More

The Little Traditions

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Little Traditions - Amy Edelstein

Excerpt from Amy Edelstein’s book Love, Marriage & Evolution: Chapter 7 The movements that create home with our partners are a dance and ritual of contemplation, little traditions that recollect why we’re together and clarify what we want to accomplish. Many of the religious structures seek to elevate consciousness by establishing rhythms in the home, around meals, or times and … Read More