Toward the Future * Teilhard de Chardin

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Teilhard de Chardin

Material creation no longer stretches between man and God like a fog or a barrier. It develops like an elevating, enriching ambience; and it is important not to try to escape from this or release oneself from it, but to accept its reality and make our way through it. Rightly speaking, there are no sacred or profane things, no pure or impure: there is only a good direction and a bad direction – the direction of ascent, or amplifying unity, of greatest spiritual effort; and the direction of descent, of constricting egoism, or materializing enjoyment. If they are followed in the direction which leads upwards all creatures are luminous; if grasped in the direction which leads downwards, they lose their radiance and become we might almost say diabolical. According to the skill with which we set our sails to their breeze, it will either capsize our vessel or send it leaping ahead.

~ Teilhard de Chardin, from Toward the Future

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