How to Communicate for Enlightenment & Evolution (Part II)

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Amy Edelstein on EnTheos

How to Communicate for Enlightenment & Evolution (Part 2) Read the Introduction & Part I on En*Theos  Watch a 6 min clip here: 6 Follow a Thread Allow the discussion to have its own course, discern where it is going and build, slowly, in small incremental leaps. Like any journey, you want to keep heading forward into the distance. When you’re climbing … Read More

Guided Meditation: The Process of Life

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One with the Process of Evolution Setting our lives within the immense brushstroke of evolutionary unfolding is a powerful orientation that supports the realization of our personal and spiritual ideals. It’s also a powerful contextualization for marriage and relationship. Take a moment. Let your own life dissolve into the ever moving, fluid process of life, birth, death, innovation, dispersal, collaboration. … Read More