The BigI Interfaith Conference: Interspiritual, Integral & now Evolutionary Spirituality

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BigI Interfaith Conference - Amy Edelstein on evolutionary spirituality

I just returned from a weekend of contemplation myself that I was so moved and inspired by that I was compelled to share it with you. The interfaith conference was the third annual BigI Conference, and was held at the Franciscan Renewal Center in the desert outside of Phoenix, Arizona. BigI refers to many “I”s – Interfaith, Interspiritual, Integral. The renewal center was … Read More

Meditate-to-Educate: Support Developmental Education in Guatemala

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Skype philosophy education with Integral Heart

  I consider myself privileged to be partnering with the Integral Heart Foundation and invite you to join this powerfully transformative endeavor in one of three ways. I am traveling to Guatemala to teach the older students of this innovative and future-oriented education project and to lead this 12-hour meditation marathon. The goal? Raising $75,000 to support whole student education. on for … Read More

Is Marriage Outdated? What’s So Evolutionary About an Ancient Tradition?

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People want to know why, in the age where so many traditional notions about women, men, and coupling have changed, where we consider everything including choosing our own preferred gender pronoun, I use the term marriage so readily. I use the term intentionally, in part because it’s convenient to signify many beautiful qualities, and in part to bounce off against a superficial … Read More

Memorial Day, A Poem

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June, summer’s dawn The wind steady off the Delaware in the Vietnam memorial   where I sometimes go to do chi kung, early morning Chinese breathing for health – repair – rejuvenation Medicinal more than Spiritual Spirit still the fabric, the meshwork between the cells of experience, of incidents, between the living and those gone late   An index card, … Read More