Guided Meditation Surrender & Rejuvenation

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    Guided Meditation – Surrender & Rejuvenation What’s the relationship between surrender and rejuvenation? How can holding the desire to explore spiritual joy, stillness, and letting go illuminate new insights in meditation? Enjoy this 60 minute guided meditation with Amy Edelstein from Waverly Street Reading Library’s monthly practice. This is an intermediate level meditation. Download here: or stream:  Click … Read More

Guided Meditation Compassion & No Self

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Guided meditation and spiritual exploration of no self and compassion

    This 20 minute exploration of the relationship between the deep meditative experience of No Self or Emptiness and the cultivation of Compassion or the capacity to extend oneself to others was conducted on a 4 day meditation retreat at the Waverly Street Reading Library in Philadelphia. This is an intermediate level exploration and is suited for contemplation.   … Read More

Meditate-to-Educate: Support Developmental Education in Guatemala

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Skype philosophy education with Integral Heart

  I consider myself privileged to be partnering with the Integral Heart Foundation and invite you to join this powerfully transformative endeavor in one of three ways. I am traveling to Guatemala to teach the older students of this innovative and future-oriented education project and to lead this 12-hour meditation marathon. The goal? Raising $75,000 to support whole student education. on for … Read More

When You Go Beyond the Ego You Become an Offering to the World

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Mata Amritanandamayi - Ammachi

An interview with Ammachi. A tiny dark-skinned woman draped in a white sari beams as she totters down the aisle of loving devotees. Their outstretched hands are like feather plumes, waving, reaching to brush her as she leaves the crowded hall. Her face is placid, strong and fully alert, as it has been unwaveringly for the last five hours, but … Read More